Changing out Seasonal Clothes

Changing out Seasonal Clothe

When you have as many as we do living under 1 roof, changing out seasonal clothes takes a long time. A. Very. Long. Time.

I have learned a few tips along the way that help me be more organized and planned for the next year.

  1. Throughout the year, I keep a small basket in my closet. If the kids outgrow something, I toss it in the basket. 2 times a year when I change out seasonal clothes, I also clean out the basket for the Consignment Sale/ Donation piles.
  2. I go into each room with 3 totes or baskets. 1 for Consignment Sales, 1 for Donations, 1 for keep until next year.
  3. I start off by taking every piece of hanging clothes off the hangers. I then sort through them 1 by 1. If it is on the border of being too small, it goes in the Consignment sale pile. If it is stained or looks too used, it goes in the donation pile. Anything that can be used for next year I fold and put in a tote.
  4. I then do the same concept with the clothes in drawers. I completely dump out each drawer 1 by 1. Then sort through the items placing them in proper piles.
  5. Consignment and Thrift shops usually only accept in season clothing, so I keep these in storage labeled Consignment so that when the sales or time comes, I am fully prepared, and have all my items to sale in 1 location! ( This saves a load of time!)
  6. Then I have a clear closet & drawers to get out all the new season’s clothes. Then I can hang the clothes, and tuck away the folded ones in the dressers.

This seems like one of my most daunting chores, but being a little organized helps out SO much.

Do you change out Seasonal Clothes? What are some of your tips?