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Homemade Lunchables1
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Homemade Lunchables

Most kids love anything mini to eat. That is why lunchables are such a hit with kiddos. However, they hit my wallet hard. Those small prepackaged meals are not cheap…especially when I am buying for 4 kids. Some common staples in the Taff house are Cheese blocks, lunchmeat, crackers or any sort, and fruit. This […]

Cooking On WIC Breakfast Casserole
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Cooking On WIC: Breakfast Casserole

WIC Items Needed: 6 – 8 eggs Cheese Shredded 1/2 c milk Non WIC Items: 1 Can Crescent Rolls Sausage Crumbles Preheat Oven as crescent Rolls Direct on package 1. Line bottom of 9×13 pan with Crescent Rolls. Pinching ends together so there are no open seams. 2. Sprinkle Sausage Crumbles & cheese over Crescent […]

Cooking On WIC Salsa Chicken
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Cooking On WIC: Salsa Chicken

WIC Foods Needed: 1 can Black Beans ( drained) 1 can Corn (drained) Tortillas Cheese Other Foods Needed: Chicken Breasts 1 can Salsa of choice 1. Add 2 chicken breasts into crockpot 2. Add Beans, corn, and salsa into crockpot 3. Cook on low for 6 hours or until chicken is cooked through 4. Shred […]