DIY Halloween Character Costumes

DIY Halloween Character Costumes

If Homemade Tutus are not your thing, try thinking about what classic character your child likes best. Many of the common characters your children see places have very simple outfits.

American Consumers spend a whopping 1.5 BILLION on Halloween Costumes each year. That is outrageous! Do not be intimidated by making a costume yourself.

For Character Day at school, my son decided to be Charlie Brown. He had a yellow shirt already, but I did not want to ruin it, so I made a quick run to Goodwill the day before. I found the Yellow polo for only $1.50.

I took a Sharpie to it, and “painted” on the diagonals at the bottom. He had the black shorts in his closet. I was afraid no one would get it, so I added the sign from a clip art of Snoopy, and a poster board I had at home.

Total cost of outfit – $1.50

The teachers raved about this one! I was getting comments about his costume for weeks after the fact. A little creativity can go a long way.