Effective Tips to Remove Stretch Marks after Delivery

Effective Tips to Remove Stretch Marks after Delivery

Actually, every new mom is little upsetting by a look of belly stretch marks, but they are not a healthy harm for you in any way. These stretch marks are predominantly appeared on the breasts and stomach. So, the new mom finds the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy to fade over them.

Actually, the pregnancy stretch marks are narrow and long lines that normally grow on the skin, particularly after pregnancy, which is commonly called as stretch marks. During the pregnancy period, the women can gain up to 15 kilos in weight, when the baby develops. The surfaces around the stomach, hips and breasts are mostly affected. That is why; the stretch marks are normally grown in those areas and the stomach stretch marks are being common.

However, these marks are caused; because your body is developing quicker than the skin as well as the fibers under the skin can break due to stretching. Though, these stretch marks do not cause any medical issues. They are just more concern from the visual point of view during and after pregnancy.

Probabilities of obtaining stretch marks after pregnancy

Around more than 90% of pregnant women obtain tummy stretch marks mainly during the third trimester. This is because; women gain more weight about 15 to 18 kilos during pregnancy. If this weight gain rate is fast, the skin of body is incapable to alter to this rising weight and thus the stretch marks seem. Below are some probabilities of having stretch marks after pregnancy that include:

  • A few researches recommend that the look of stretch marks during or after pregnancy can be commonly associated. There is also a likelihood of obtaining them, if your mom has had them, so ensure you to check with her to have the good idea of what is in store for you.
  • Based on your skin complexion and color, the tone of stretch marks will differ. The fair women have pink colored stretch marks, while the dark toned women obtain slighter marks than their skin tone.
  • The women with a greater BMI, i.e. Body Mass Index are prone to have many stretch marks than those with lesser body mass index.

However, it is quite complex to predict on how the stretch marks will spot out for you. Definitely, you can be one of those women who are not exposed to stretch marks. Even most of the women have accredited that they never took any steps to avoid these and yet never challenged this natural existence during pregnancy. To overcome this, women can choose the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy and then faded it after a long time use.

Main causes of stretch marks after pregnancy

Scientifically, the skin is a consolidation of three layers such as the subcutaneous or hypodermis (an inner layer), the dermis (a centre layer) and the epidermis (a top layer). Usually, the stretch marks cause during pregnancy is common because of fast weight gain or expanding of baby inside and the dermis under the top most layers of the skin blubbering can exposures a layer under and therefore causes stretch marks.

Moreover, the stretch marks are also a direct outcome of stretching or expanding the skin, when you gain more weight and your body expands during pregnancy. Every woman should also remember that your body is attempting to build more space as possible for your baby. Hence, this leads to the consistent stretching and pulling, which primes to the pregnancy stretch marks. Here are the major causes of stretch marks after pregnancy that includes:

  • You might gain more weigh within a short time period and this can cause stretch marks
  • The hormonal changes occurring in a body during pregnancy can be a subsidizing factor for stretch marks
  • You might be carrying more than one baby and this can be a main reason of over stretching of skin and subsequent stretch marks
  • You can be carrying a large sized baby
  • The application of corticosteroid medicine in which the doctor may prescribe to you for conditions such as arthritis, asthma or skin disease
  • The loss of elasticity of your skin can occur, since your body might be delivering a greater level of cortisone, which is a naturally produced hormone during this elusive timeEffective Tips to Remove Stretch Marks after DeliveryAre stretch marks after delivery preventable?

    The pregnancy stretch marks can be normally prevented from visual, if essential steps are properly taken in prior during the pregnancy. An improved concentration on skincare and a few lifestyle changes can support to prevent the existence of stretch marks. After pregnancy, you can pick the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy that can control to fade the stretch marks on hips, chest and stomach. Besides that, you should also keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Also, you should stay hydrated by eating healthy foods and drinks like watermelon, cucumber and yogurt. Furthermore, the Kegel exercises, pregnancy yoga and stretches as well as other low impact exercises are greatly suggested to assist the skin recollects its flexibility and enhance the circulation of blood.

    Excellent home remedies for pregnancy stretch marks

    The pregnancy normally causes more variations in mother’s body with more weight gain as well as successive changes in the body shape, which are being the clearer ones. When the stretch marks see during the final trimester of a pregnancy, you rush to the traditional generation of grandmothers and mothers, believing to discover the fast cure for them. Below are some few home remedies to lighten the stretch marks to a top extent:

    • Homemade moisturizer like olive oil and wheat germ oil
    • Homemade lotion like aloe Vera gel and virgin olive oil
    • Oil treatment
    • Alfalfa leaves paste can apply twice or thrice per day
    • Apply sandalwood and turmeric paste
    • Homemade butter like cocoa butter and vitamin E oil

    Hence, these are all home remedies for lessening the stretch marks on your body.