First Day of School Tradition

First Day of School Tradition

First Day of School Tradition

The First day of school. A very momentous occasion for us all. Next to Christmas, it just may be the most photographed day yet.First Day of School Tradition

How do you make your photos special? How do you make your photos stand out? This year I have started a new tradition.

Signs. Simple, and easy, but so cute! I have seen these popping up all over the internet, and then a blogging friend of mine posted her kiddos first day of school pics holding a sign, and so I  decided it was a must to start with mine.First Day of School Tradition

Luckily mine are still young enough that I can still capture most grades ahead of us. I was going to make my own pdf file, but after a very quick search, found some very simple yet cute signs that I decided to use. Plucky Momo has a free downloadable set you can print now, and file for future years so you always have them on hand.First Day of School TraditionFirst Day of School Tradition

This year was a big year for us. Deston is going into First grade and Madison and Mr. Briggs are both entering Pre-K. I have gone from having 1 in school, and 3 at home; to 3 in school and 1 at home. What will I do with myself?

It was sad to see them going in, but they were troopers and walked right in and started to play. I really thought Mr. Briggs would be a crier. However, he proved me wrong.First Day of School Tradition

Do you have any First Day of School traditions?