Homemade Lunchables1

Homemade Lunchables

Most kids love anything mini to eat. That is why lunchables are such a hit with kiddos. However, they hit my wallet hard.

Those small prepackaged meals are not cheap…especially when I am buying for 4 kids.

Some common staples in the Taff house are Cheese blocks, lunchmeat, crackers or any sort, and fruit. This mom makes her own lunchables for the kids. It is very easy, and takes very little time, and saves a ton on my grocery budget.

Simply cut the cheese and lunchmeat yourself, and you have a homemade lunchable. I often pack them this in their lunchboxes for school. I will seperate the items in a container with Saran Wrap so the crackers do not get mushy.

On the days it is my daughter’s turn to take snack in her class, I use my big Tupperware container, and make a BIG serving of this snacky food lunchable. The teachers have said it is always a hit! And, healthy!

** Try using a cute cookie cutter to cut your foods, it will make the kids love you!**