How to Cut Baby's Nails

How to Cut Baby’s Nails

Babies’ nails are quite small, so it can be difficult to trim their nails. However, if not cut, the nail will be long, the baby will easily scratch and scratch the skin.

Your baby’s fingernails begin to form in the second trimester of pregnancy. Baby’s fingernails are quite soft and delicate, in contrast to adult nails. And more importantly, they grow quite quickly, on average you have to cut them once a week.

Why must cut nails for children?

1. To avoid injury

Babies still cannot control the movements of their arms and legs well, so if their nails are not neatly trimmed, they can accidentally scratch their face and body.

2. Prevent ingrown nails

Cutting your nails in time can prevent the discomfort of ingrown nails. This happens when the edge of the nail begins to grow in the adjacent skin, causing pain and swelling. Therefore, you should know how to cut your baby’s nails gently and safely.

The secret to cutting nails for baby safety

1. Getting Started

First, take a deep breath and don’t worry you will hurt your baby. Choose a spot with good lighting and choose a time when your baby feels comfortable. Gently hold your baby’s hand and separate each finger to cut.

2. Use nail clippers or nail clippers

Nail clippers for babies are widely available in supermarkets. This kit is designed to be small and easy to observe compared with adult nail clippers. Gently cut the white line on your baby’s fingernail. Cut the edges rounded to make sure the child doesn’t scratch their face.

In addition, you should not use an adult nail clipper as it generates too much force and is too loud for the baby’s fingers.

3. File the nail

The simple way to avoid cutting your baby’s hands is to use a nail file to round out the fingernails or toenails. Additionally, filing a nail can reduce roughness. However, be careful not to scratch the baby’s skin. Avoid using metal files as they are too hard for your baby.

4. Shape of the nail

The best way is to cut the curve of the nail. Avoid curling at the edges. Curled nails will cause the nail to grow inward.

5. Don’t cut too deeply or bite

Avoid cutting into your baby’s nails as this can lead to nail infections. Besides, do not bite your nails. The mouth of an adult often contains many bacteria, so when bitten, they can be passed to the baby, leading to infection. Biting your baby’s nails seems to be a safer option than cutting, but it also has a lot of potential risks.

6. Cut your child’s nails after bathing

You can trim your child’s nails right after bathing. When bathing, baby’s nails will be softer and easier to cut. This is because bathing makes nails soft and easy to cut. Because the nail is soft, you have to reduce the force and cut carefully, otherwise it will scratch your baby’s nails.

7. Cut nails when baby sleeps

To reduce the risk of having your baby’s fingernails trimmed, you can wait for your baby to fall asleep and then cut. At this time, the baby will not move or move, so you can comfortably trim your baby’s nails.

8. How to deal with a cut or bleeding nail

Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t blame yourself if you accidentally cut your baby’s finger. Do not panic. If your baby’s fingers start to bleed, rinse with water and press firmly with a cloth or cotton ball for a few minutes. When the bleeding stops, you can wrap it up with a band-aid. Watch your baby while using the bandage as he can put his hand in his mouth and suck. Sooth your baby until she stops crying.

For the first time as a parent, there are many new things you need to learn. Manicure too, you need to stay calm and use the tips above to overcome this challenge.