Planning a (Military) Move

Planning a (Military) Move

Moving. Now that is a verb I have completed many times in my life. Moving can seem daunting, but with the proper planning, it may be less stressful.

If you are moving with the military, or just a regular move and have a moving company, there is pre planning that needs to take place before the company arrives.

2 Weeks Ahead:
1. Take pictures and or video of all items in your home.
2. Start a few weeks ahead and go through each room organizing, and getting rid of any unwanted items. Here are some tips on organizing a room. There is no sense in moving unwanted items. It will only cost you more. The movers charge by weight, and if you are in the military, there is a set limit they pay for your move. If you go over, you will get a bill.
3. Retrieve any and all school or doctor records.
4. Remember any developed pictures, prescriptions, or dry cleaning you may need to pick up.
5. Check to see if you have any gift cards to a local retailer or restaurant that you will need to use up before the move.
6. Have any vehicle repairs worked on, and check oil, tires, wipers, wiper fluid, and breaks.

1 Week Ahead:
1. Start packing items you will need to take with you.
Often times it may be a few weeks before you get your belongings. Think of all items you can NOT live without.
2. Plan for specific needs:
Disabilities, Traveling with Infant, etc.
3. Keep non replaceable valuables with you.
Jewelry, Guns, Collections, any keepsakes that are irreplaceable, keep them with you.
4. Have mail forwarded. If you are moving into base housing and have not been assigned a home, check to see if they have a post office on base that has temporary mail boxes.

** I try to clear out 1 room to keep items that we are planning on taking with us. This room is off limits to the movers. OR at least make half of the room so. This way they do not accidentally pack your items you need. **

Keep track of tax deductible moving expenses.

Here is my packing list of items we took with us on our last PCS:
5 days worth of clothes for everyone ( socks, undies, etc…)
bathing suits
Pool Floats / Life vest
Shower Liner & hooks ( your new location will not have one!)
Paper Products ( plates, napkins, towels, silverware…and don’t forget some toilet paper!)
Blankets & sheets
Dish Liquid
Lysol (preferred cleaner)
DVD’s for Van
A few toys
Coloring books, paper
Laptop & Charger
Phone Charger
Small T.V. ( we went 3 weeks before our belongings were delivered. Trust me, after a while, you will want a tv!)
Cooler ( Food, Milk, juice for hotel stops on the drive to new location)
Personal records ( birth certificates, doctor & school records, insurance policies…)

sippy cups
bottle brush cleaner
Crib or pack N Play to sleep in

If you have room you will want to take mattresses. Like I said, we went 3 weeks before our belongings were delivered. Sleeping on the floor for a while is ok, but after 1 week I have had enough!

Day Of Move:
1. Empty Trash. Their job is to pack, and they will pack everything!
2. Take light bulbs out of lamps
3. Watch them pack your items. If you do not like the way they are treating or handling your items, politely say so.
Check the inventory descriptions as they mark them down. DO NOT sign off on something you do not agree with. If they say an item is in fair condition, have them show you and explain why they marked it so.

As I pack items, I like to go with an ABC method. A for items I will need first, B for items I will need next…and so on. This helps greatly when you arrive at your new location, and really need to know where you packed sheets to sleep in the bed, or toilet paper!

Whether you are packing yourself, or movers are packing you, feel free to take a sharpie to the outside of the box and label it with an A, B or C.

Most of all, being prepared and organized will help the experience be less stressful. What are some moving tips you have?