Trash to Treasure Mirror Makeover

Trash to Treasure: Mirror Makeover

I love Goodwill, and thrifty stores in general. Some snub their noses at it, but I seem to have a sixth sense on finding a good deal. Of course it can be hit or miss, I frequent Goodwill, so those that hear me brag about my treasures jump to conclusion that I always find great deals. Wrong. Many times I may walk out empty handed…no matter what my husband says! However, I seem to go often enough, and have an open mind about others “junk”. Give me a can of spray paint and some mod-podge, and I can make something look completely different.

One of my recent finds was actually not at Goodwill, but rather someone was going to throw it out. ( No, I did not dumpster dive) I salvaged it and brought it home so giddy, only to have my husband completely bust my bubble and tell me it was hideous and to get rid of it. He laughed at me.

There she is. My mirror. Seriously, in my husband’s defense, the picture does not do justice. It was pretty bad. It was some awful gold, all chipped, dents, and the frame was split in to down the middle. But, I fell in love with her at first sight. Look at those curves. They put Shakira’s hips to shame!

The back was even worse, the backing was warped, screws stripped… but no one sees the back right? Trash to Treasure Mirror Makeover

Well, after convincing my husband that I was going to make this work, he helped out! We cleaned the mirror, filled in the cracks and dents with wood glue, did a little bit of sanding, and then gave her 3 good coats of white spray paint. My husband took all the screws off the back, and we cut a new back from an old piece of paneling we had in our shed. We had all the supplies except a $3 bottle of spray paint. So, this project cost me all of a whopping 3 bucks. My Princess now has a Princess mirror in her room…because she does like to look at herself, maybe a little too much.Trash to Treasure Mirror Makeover Trash to Treasure Mirror Makeover

What was your latest trash to treasure project?