Turning Broken Crayons into New Shapes

Turning Broken Crayons into New Shapes

No one wants to use the broken crayon. It just sits at the bottom of the container, all lonely. You hate to throw them out, because it is a waste…even though it is broken, it is still usable.

We have several crayon containers in this house. So I broke them out, and sorted through to find all the broken pieces.Turning Broken Crayons into New ShapesOk, so some of those are AppleBee’s and Cracker Barrel crayons, don’t judge!

The kids and I sat down and shredded off all the paper. This is the hardest part. I found it easiest to open my scissors and make a cut down the crayon to easily peel off the paper.

Then, we separated the crayons by color into my cupcake pans. These are silicon, so I was able to “pop” the new crayons out when they were finished. If you use a regular muffin tin, use a sturdy paper muffin liner.Turning Broken Crayons into New Shapes

Put the pans in the oven on 325°, and wait for the crayons to melt. It took about ten minutes.Turning Broken Crayons into New Shapes

When the crayons are completely melted, take the pans out and let them cool and harden. Once cooled and hardened, you now have new crayons! The kids loved this project, and they could not wait  to try out their new crayons. My 3 year old loved the shapes!Turning Broken Crayons into New Shapes

These would make such cute party favors, wrapped up in a cellophane baggy with ribbon.Turning Broken Crayons into New Shapes